About Interfaith Marriage

Falling in love is the greatest of joys- and it is a statement of fact that many of us choose partners who are not of our faith. 

As there is no other path but the path of the heart, rest assured, the union of two faiths, cultures and families has the blessing of the source of all that is divine. 

Modern interfaith marriages are beautiful!

Finding and selecting clergy for a traditional wedding often proves to be a difficult undertaking. For
modern interfaith marriages, there is often a great deal of discomfort among parents and family members when the topic of interfaith marriage ceremonies is even discussed! We can help by supporting you.

Our interfaith Rabbis are filled with joy and gratitude to nurture and guide interfaith couples. We know that children of interfaith marriages will be born into a world that will continue to evolve and learn.

We have faith that children raised in interfaith marriages, will be exposed to twice to love any one faith can experience and will one day lead us all along the path of peace, love and kindness.