At an Interfaith marriage, you can still honor the ancient ritual of signing a ketubah! This document was originally written in Aramaic, the language the average person spoke during the time of Jesus. The document was revolutionary for it's time as it outlined the responsibilities a man had to his bride and granted a woman rights in the relationship. Of course, for an Interfaith Marriage Ceremonies, the text is adjusted to conform to modern day relationships.

A modern ketubah is treated as artwork and after the ceremony, is usually framed and set in a place of honor. Couples enjoy the process of searching for the perfect ketubah!

Two simple wedding bands are exchanged in a typical Interfaith Wedding. One reason simple bands are preferred is to suggest that all couples regardless of their financial status are equal in their portion of joy for their blessed day.

At the conclusion of the wedding, it is a wonderful tradition and ritual for the groom to "break the glass." Some couples choose for the bride to also break the glass! Ask your rabbi for an explanation of it's meaning.